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    Kırklareli is a very important region in terms of sports activities in nature with areas where natural diversity is the most intense. İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park, which is a natural wonder with its sea, vast forest, lakes, rivers and fresh air, can host almost all the beauties that people want to see in terms of natural beauty throughout their life; Dupnisa Cave, Kasatura Bay Nature Reserve, Vize Panayır River, Vize Tekkaya, Balaban (Velika) River, Mutlu (Rezve) River, Kavaklımeşe Korusu Nature Park are the ideal places for trekking.

    Istranca Mountains with their wildlife and floodplain forests are also among the hidden natural beauties of Kırklareli.

    Dupnisa Cave

    Dupnisa Cave, located in a region with rich natural beauty, where the Istranca Mountains are joined by deep valleys, is a large two-storey underground system with a total length of 2,720 meters consisting of three caves - Kuru Cave, Kız Cave and Sulu Cave. The hydrological features, developmental periods, fauna density, meteorology, and dripstone formations inside the cave are extremely different from each other. It is very interesting that there are three contrasting caves on top of each other. The Kuru Cave at the top is extremely rich in dripstone accumulation. The galleries with stalactites, stalagmites and columns in Kuru Cave are extremely magnificent. Sulu Cave, which is the lowest part of the cave, is 345 meters above sea level and offers a completely different visual richness with its underground streams and lakes, wall and curtain dripstones descending over the lakes. Additionally, about 60,000 bats of 16 species live in the section called Kız Cave. 

    İğneada and İğneada Floodplain Forest 

    The İğneada region has a rich biological diversity as its natural balance is preserved. Approximately 670 types of plants have been found in this region. A total of 194 birds such as dwarf cormorant, white-tailed eagle, small kestrel, small green woodpecker in addition to mammals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar, wolf, fox, jackal, wild cat, marten, badger, bats and otter species are seen. The region is home to many reptile and fish species too. 

    The İğneada Floodplain Forest is one of the rare ecosystems that contain seasonal floodplain forests, marshes, freshwater lakes and coastal dunes. The Istranca Mountains are located in the south and west. Offering different beauties throughout all seasons, the floodplain Forests invite photographers to a visual feast with the variety of colours it offers, especially in autumn. The floodplain forests in this region are a very special type of forest. Additionally, there are five lakes in the area with rich aquatic vegetation. These are the Erikli Lake, which is a lagoon lake disconnected from the sea in summer, the Mert Lake, and the Saka Lake of 5 hectares located in the south of the area, Hamam Lake and the Pedina Lake, which are located in the inner parts.