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  • Kırklareli GoTürkiye

    In addition to its natural treasures, Kırklareli has valuable cultural monuments and carries the traces of various civilizations. These artifacts are meticulously preserved, and offered to future generations through restoration work. Kırklareli, which is a source of oxygen with its lush forests, is also a well-known destination for nature sports.

    Kırklareli offers many options to its visitors, due to its cultural heritage, camping and sports facilities and nature tourism opportunities.

    The İğneada, Kıyıköy and Kastro beaches, its floodplain forests, the Dupnisa Cave, Archaeology and Ethnography Museum and Aşağı Pınar Mound are just some of the important tourist attractions in Kırklareli.

    The Hızır Bey Lüleburgaz Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Complex, the Babaeski Cedid Ali Paşa Mosque, Vize Small Hagia Sophia Mosque, Vize Mağara Monastery, and Kıyıköy Aya Nikola Ayazma (sacred fountain) and Monastery are the other important historical places to be visited in the region.